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Accommodation is a very important decision while you prepare your safari. A safari tour can provide some of the most luxurious experiences in the world while still maintaining its traditional allure and feeling of authenticity. You can pick to stay in a lodge or a tented campsite. The difference between them is that a lodge is a more traditional room with solid walls while a tented campsite consists of luxury large tents, with real beds and en-suite toilets and shower. For those who want to lower their budget more there is always the option of the public campsites where you can camp as everywhere in the world (the equipment is offered from the tour operator).


This decision will depend on both your budget and comfort requisites. When you contact us to plan your safari, we will suggest different accommodation options for each park, recommending those we believe have the best quality for their price-range. A simple camping safari, besides helping to control the budget, can be an exciting and fun experience. On the other hand, staying in a private tented camp or lodge can provide some of the most luxury experiences in the world while still maintaining a safari's traditional allure and feeling of authenticity.


A list of some of the public campsites, lodges or tented campsites we use more often can be found below. If there is any lodge or campsite you'd like to stay but is not listed here, please notice that these are just some recommendations as we can operate and customize our itineraries with virtually every lodge or tented campsite in Tanzania. Our recommended accommodations if you pick the Northern circuit would be:

Tarangire National Park:

Maramboi tented camp or Burunge tented camp

Tarangire Safari Lodge or Tarangire Angata Camp

Mawe Ninga camp

Oliver's Camp

Manyara National Park:

Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp

Isoitok Camp

Manyara Wildlife Lodge

Manyara Serena Lodge

Gibb's Farm

Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

Rhino Lodge or Bougainvillea Lodge

Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge

Ang'ata tented lodge

Serena Ngorongoro lodge

Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge  Pakulala Safari Camp

Lemala Ngorongoro camp

Serengeti National Park:

Kilima Valley Tented Lodge

Serengeti Heritage (central)

Ang'ata Serengeti tented camps (central/north/south)

Kati Kati tented camp (central)

Pumzika safari camp (central)

Serena Lodge (central)

Nasikia Camps (north/south)

Chaka Mobile Camp (central/north/south)

Lemala Camps (central/north/south) Four Seasons Serengeti (central)



Christina's House

L'oasis Hotel

Planet Lodge

Out post lodge

Palace hotel

African Tulip hotel

Serena Lodge arusha

Arusha Coffee Lodge

Legendary Lodge

Green mountain lodge

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